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 Wings to Fly was begun by a teacher/parent, (see history of how this agency began below) to empower, motivate, teach, demonstrate, and give hands-on experiences to parents, educators and caregivers of children with delays of any type. This is to enable them to be responsive, effective, creative, and knowledgeable in ways which will optimize their children's environment, behaviors, learning skills and knowledge. They will hopefully also be better prepared to understand and navigate their child's school experience as well. 

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The above will be accomplished through Workshops on various topics, across a wide range of skill acquisition. Some examples of the topics will include: Behavior Modification; The Anatomy of a Sentence; How to Read a Book with Your Child; Telling Time; Parenting your Pre-Schooler, Toilet Training, just to name a few. Some will have specific targets and some might be more general. We hope to reach a wide spectrum of differently developing students and their families. We will have a very interactive, often hands-on, type of atmosphere. Ideally, we will all learn from each other. At this time, we will have both live and recorded on-line sessions. We hope to add in- person workshops, as safety permits during the recovery from covid-19.


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