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How Wings to Fly can help support your journey:


Wings to Fly was begun by a teacher/parent, (see history of how this agency began below) to empower, motivate, teach, demonstrate, and give hands-on experiences to parents, educators and caregivers of children with delays of any type. This is to enable them to be responsive, effective, creative, and knowledgeable in ways which will optimize their children's environment, behaviors, learning skills and knowledge. They will hopefully also be better prepared to understand and navigate their child's school experience as well. 

Our History

The Story Of Wings To Fly


Wings to Fly began many years ago, before I could see it, when I was 11 years old and decided that I wanted to become a teacher. An ‘old soul’, I was determined and began at 12 years old to volunteer to work with young children. By 15 years of age, I had a part time job, working with children with delays, in a Saturday program, in the South Bronx, with Dr. Jack Gootzeit. During the Summer Vacations, I also worked for the same agency. Every other Sunday, from  when I was 14, was spent at the Cardinal Hayes Program for Exceptional Children, also in the South Bronx. At the age of 21 I graduated from City College with a Dual Certification in Childhood Education and Special Education, Magna Cum Laude. The following year I graduated from Lesley University, in Cambridge, Mass. with a M.S.Ed. in Severe Special Needs, Cum Laude. I began working as a full-time Special Education Teacher at Dr. Gootzeit’s Program in the Bronx. For the past 41 years, I have been a Special Education Teacher. I have worn many hats during that time. Some of those have been: a Resource Room teacher for Bronxville School District, for the Parochial Schools in the District; a self-contained classroom teacher; an Assistant Principal; an Early Intervention ABA teacher; a teacher in College Resource Rooms. I have been blessed with wonderful mentors, bosses, and colleagues, without whom, I would never have been the teacher I am today.

On June 28th, 1984, I gave birth to my first child, a boy, named Anthony. It happened that Anthony experienced many difficulties in learning, for various reasons. Everyday, from the day he was born, I worked with him, so he could be independent, when he was an adult. So many difficult nights for both of us, as well as the rest of the family. Many tears shed at the kitchen table, while I taught my son what he could not learn in class. Countless workbooks done above and beyond what was given in school. Studying in the car, on the way to school. Parent-Teacher meetings that were sometimes difficult. There were also moments of great accomplishments, though, and times when Anthony finally understood a concept which he had grappled with for years. I was blessed to have my education, but still, it was years and years of hard work, on both Anthony’s and my part. My youngest child, Marian, gave up many opportunities, so that her brother could succeed. She did so with the greatest graciousness, and tremendous love for him. So, after many years of learning how to learn together, Anthony graduated from Concordia College, Bronxville, NY, with Highest Honors. At 32, Anthony married the girl of his dreams, Stacy, and in 2018, my granddaughter was born. Today, Anthony is in graduate school, studying to be a family counselor.

Every moment, every frustration, every hurdle was worth it. But, it was a difficult road, and one I would not have chosen to walk, had I been asked. But, the challenge and the journey has made us better for it. It made us better able to help others along their journeys. And, that message and knowledge learned, brings me here today. I am here to tell you that every obstacle overcome, will be so worth the time and energy. I am here to share what we have learned, through it all. But, most of all, I am here to tell you that you and your child can overcome, too. I cannot tell you the ending of the story, but I can walk by your side; help to take the journey with you; and do my utmost not to let you feel alone. There are ways to help your child that can become part of the fabric of your life. There are ways of approaching situations to foster a wholesome atmosphere of becoming life-time learners, together. Let ‘Wings to Fly’ help you on your unique journey, with your child.

Ann Terenzio, M.S.Ed


"There are two things we should give our children,

roots and wings."   Hodding Carter - 1953

Our Services



Individual consultations will be available for families, day cares, home schoolers and their organization. Eventually, as we expand our agency, we will serve anyone who could benefit from our approach and knowledge. How is our agency unique? We will be focused on your individual needs, as a family. We will be receptive to those needs and follow you through your journey, with sensitivity. We will continually work to expand our services, so that you will receive assistance, specific to your circumstances. We hope to inspire you to work together as a family, to be life-long learners. We don’t want your child to just ‘get through’, we want him/her to learn to fly. We will not determine a limit for your child, but work to bring him/her into the best that they can be.


The above will be accomplished through Workshops on various topics, across a wide range of skill acquisition. Some examples of the topics will include: Behavior Modification; The Anatomy of a Sentence; How to Read a Book with Your Child; Telling Time; Parenting your Pre-Schooler, Toilet Training, just to name a few. Some will have specific targets and some might be more general. We hope to reach a wide spectrum of differently developing students and their families. We will have a very interactive, often hands-on, type of atmosphere. Ideally, we will all learn from each other. At this time, we will have both live and recorded on-line sessions. We hope to add in- person workshops, as safety permits during the recovery from covid-19.

For more details regarding our services go to Services in site menu at the top of the Home page. To reserve a spot in our workshops or schedule an individual consultation please call. If you have questions and need to speak to a member of our staff please call. Our number is 917-972-5278

"You Have To Accept Whatever Comes And The Only Important Thing Is That You Greet It With The Best You Have To Give"  Eleanor Roosevelt


From Zinath


On Monday, February 18, 2019 7:44 PM Zinath wrote:

Subject: My Recommendation For Ms. Ann

 Hi, I am Zinath. I know Ms. Ann since two years. She taught my son for one entire year, and to this day, she still looks out for him. Ann is beyond a wonderful teacher. Before Ann came, my son was barely able to talk. He was never able to explain anything. However, after Ms. Ann came to teach my son, continuously for the year, my son drastically improved his speech all within a few months. Ms. Ann was very dedicated to her work of teaching my son and helping him improve, and because of that my son is now able to speak. So if I can sum up Ms. Ann in a few words, I will beyond doubt say she is the BEST teacher! I wish I can continue having a teacher like Ms. Ann for my son. I fully recommended Ms. Ann for every child like my son. 


 From Meredith 

On Monday, Feb 11, 2019 at 5:51 PM Meredith wrote:

    " Miss Ann was a great therapist for my son in 2018. She is very sweet and personable. After speaking with her, one gets to learn that she really has a passion for working with special needs children. She has at least 20 or 30 years of experience, and it shows! My son enjoyed his sessions with her because she would be very engaging and likes to sing nursery rhymes. Miss Ann always brought 2 bags (suitcases) because she always wanted to make sure that the children would stay entertained and not get bored. (From my experience, toys can be super expensive, but Miss Ann went all out because she truly cares for the kids). I recommend her, especially because she's reliable and punctual.


Let's Soar Together!

Coming Soon: Articles with advice and tips to help you and your child along the way.